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CHI SIAMO/what’s Mosaico

The MOSAICO Association- Actions for Refugees is an a political and non-partisan social promotion association, founded in Turin in 2006 on the initiative of a group of refugees from different countries. To date there are refugees, immigrants and Italian, or people who, in various capacities and with different human and professional skills, work in this sector or are interested in it.

PROJECT/our project

Over the years, Mosaico has carried out projects aimed at supporting, guiding and integrating refugees, as well as raising awareness of the entire citizenry. Mosaico aim is to pursue and promote the human rights and supporting refugees, working in a network with the realities operating in the territory.



The proposed project is aimed at providing assistance on various levels in the city territory, allowing people who are in situation of need or vulnerability in particular due to their own path migration to obtain support and orientation in the knowledge of the information and services offered by the territory itself.


Without glasses or desks that divide beneficiaries and mediators, the desk guarantees individualized listening and the use of very important information, always accompanied by a more general explanation that gives awareness of one’s choices and possibilities.


Mosaico works in support of refugee students/ and in continuing their path for higher and university studies, through an orientation service, translation and

recognition of previous qualifications for enrollment in courses, retrieval of books and computers, room and board.

NEWS/all the news

“Oasi – On the Street”, evoluzione del progetto creato da Mosaico nel 2018 per fornire orientamento e ascolto ai rifugiati in movimento sulla città di Torino, diventa oggi un’app con informazioni utili a tutti i cittadini. Messa in pratica anche grazie al sostegno di UNHCR e al......

Il volantino, realizzato in collaborazione con l’Associazione per gli Studi Giuridici sull’immigrazione (ASGI) contiene informazioni utili per tutti i titolari di permesso di soggiorno perché conoscano i requisiti necessari per poter convertire o rinnovare il permesso di soggiorno e mantenere regolare la propria condizione giuridica sul territorio italiano.......

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