Women - Mosaico Azioni per i Rifugiati
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From 2012 to date, Mosaico accompanies a group of refugee’s women involved in the project “We are not alone”, first hosted at the Casa del Quartiere of SanSalvario and the at social point pass of Barriera di Milano. The referent, also refugee and Mosaico worker, accompanies women in the shared search for solutions to their needs in terms of work autonomy, housing and social inclusion.

Every year Mosaico proposes a different path of activity in which various professional figures are involved such as lawyers, doctors, social workers and operators in the hospitality sector. As part of the “We are not alone”project, Mosaico has developed since 2015 the “International Refugee Women Day”, an event organized by refugee’s woman and open to all citizens of Turin.


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